Fit2Live Digital Smart Scale

Fit2Live Digital Smart Scale: Features You Will Fall In Love With


Customers who are in the market place for buying bathroom scale might have got a variety of products to select from whenever making their choice.

With the growing level of smart and practical products for residence there is absolutely no scarcity of bathroom scales made to connect with the smartphones to assist customers to take benefit of the health applications.

Usually, this Fit2Live Digital Scale provides small gyms and families the way to monitor up to 10 customers data to assist them to stick to monitor in the direction of their weight reduction objectives or even create healthier selections concerning their wellness. You should read beneath to find out more about this particular product.

Concerning Fit2Live Smart Scale:

The smart scale is providing customers an approach to set this particular device with their smart phones to assist users’ monitoring their health and fitness concerning weight. Fit2Live Digital Scale provides accurate readings when it comes to body fat, overall weight, and muscle mass, and also water.

Fit2Live Digital Smart Scale

Exactly How Does Fit2Live Digital Scale Function?

Customers who would like a simple scale which is simple to utilize without having compromising attributes will certainly value the layout of this particular model through Fit2Live.

This specific scale saves weight data for 10 various customers and that is making this particular an excellent home scale for family members who else would like to monitor their bodyweight.

Those who are trying to shed weight will certainly acknowledge just how rapidly this particular digital scale functions and also exactly how precisely the readings are assisting customers to remain up-to-date and also on track.

This particular scale may sync along with a number of health applications via Wi-Fi providing customers the choice to utilize their preferred apps to assist set and also track fitness goals.

Fit2Live Digital

The Unique Features

In contrast to identical scales that just offer several customers to keep data this particular scale may support up to 10 various customers. The Fit2Live Smart Scale links to a smart phone to assist customers to increase health apps for keeping them up-to-date informed decisions about their wellness.

Besides providing precise weight dimensions, this particular scale also includes “quick BMI readings” that is providing customers the larger picture of the bodyweight. This scale may support customers around 4 hundred pounds. The particular Fit2Live Smart Digital Scale provides water weight as well as weight readings, muscle mass, body fat, and also visceral fat.

The Design:


Together with the contemporary layout, the scale may suit any size of room or bathroom around the home. It is indicated by very simple colors and also a simple to read out LCD screen. The excellent news is that this particular modern scale additionally includes the contemporary smart watch.

It could be great inclusion and can assist you keep monitor of your important body indicators throughout the day. All these indicators show just how many steps you usually take per day as well as heart rate reading.

Having Bluetooth connection, the scale may also be able to connect to almost any contemporary smart phone. With the elegant design and also the contemporary smart watch the scale can provide a fascinating experience in section.


This seems that this specific scale had been accessible for buying online via Amazon. Nevertheless, it happens to be away from stock consequently pricing information can also be not accessible. This is not clear that when this particular product is going to be back again in stock.

Fascinated customers can buy Fit2Live Digital Scale via EBay. The selling price on EBay is approximately $60 each.

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As Fit2Live Smart Scale is just accessible via Amazon and also it happens to be away from the stock, it can make it look like there might be much better selections to pick out from which are broadly accessible. The particular Fit2Live Digital Scale has been much like some other products which have a larger accessibility and also online reviews.

All these factors might bring about the suggestion that customers ought to do their analysis prior to investing in this particular product. As it is obtainable by EBay at this time it is better to wait and also see or even select a unique option.

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