Diesel’s First Android Smartwatch ‘On Full Guard’ Will Blow Your Mind


Fossil is becoming a large gamer in the wonderful world of the Android Wear smart watches; however, not almost all of the watch brands have joined up with the arena. The unique “Diesel On Full Guard” signifies Diesel’s very first night in the party, and it is introduced along a few tricks to showcase.

Diesel has decided to both enhance and replicate what it presently does on the analog watches along with Full Guard., and also it hopes that it is the very first in the latest collection of smart watches.

This Full Guard features a great deal of fascinating and new concepts about how exactly we utilize our smart watch.

This desires to reproduce the feelings of distinctive analog watch styles; this desires to provide you visible info rapidly; this desires to put the “should-know” information a few taps away, as well as your favorite applications a button-push away.

All these great ideas still are not carried out all that nicely. That, in addition to the bad battery life, can make Full Guard feel as if it is still operating this smart watch thing out.

However, will it meet the promise? Will it sign up for the developing pantheon of great Fossil smart watches or even will it crash to the wayside? Here is our judgment on exactly how Diesel will sit in the scenery of the Android Wear smart watches.

Style And Design

Diesel Android Smartwatch

In terms of analog wrist watches, Diesel’s design varies from a significantly more stylish simplicity to a commercial behemoth which seems like a film prop from the Blade Runner.

Along with Full Guard, Italian fashion home has settled particularly in between for something.

It is a commercial style. The stainless body seems like it is being stacked on the top with the sharp exposed screws and black buckles. It feels and looks like it desires to shout about exactly how “hard yet gorgeous” it is.

Awesome Features

Diesel Android Smartwatch Features

Possibly to replace with deficiencies in fitness features, numerous of the design-focused smart watches we have seen and have attempted out some other fascinating concepts in software – and Full Guard absolutely not different.

At this time, although, the major features are all concerning the watch faces, you have obtained 6 faces right here through Diesel, almost all motivated in a way or even another by the analog Diesel wrist watches.

A few of them perform easy things, such as display the life of battery and activity in a “simple to see” way.

There is additionally “Heads Up” watch face that consists of a HUD which you may bring with a dual tap close to the top of the watch face. The precise spot you need to strike is a little complicated, and you will occasionally spend annoying seconds constantly going to hit this, however whenever you get it done it brings an overlay up that provides you a lot of info on the watch.

The last watch face enables you to create your own. Right now, almost all of watch faces are very customizable. Also, you are able to adjust every color, right down to the minute part of the face you did not even know actually been around.


Diesel Android Smartwatch Hardware

That tale carries to the hardware of Full Guard. Getting 3 buttons on a commercial smart watch appears like a wise decision. Worth mentioning, two customizable switches are king.

This can make it much simpler to change between the Dial Effects whenever you may simply click a switch and also not need to visit Android Wear 2 menu screen by any means.

The truth is, the 3 buttons allow it to be painless to go around quick. In case long play of Fossil right here is to find out a method for you to definitely live on the watch faces solely, it is getting there.

The 3rd button, revolving crown, will be the one that will provide you the majority of problems. This functions in idea; the concept of utilizing a crown to get around is a fantastic one which makes things easier.

Still, this particular crown is trapped between 2 items of steel which slow down your capability to twist this – particularly if you have larger fingers.

Connectivity And Battery

Diesel Android Smartwatch Battery

The greatest concern on Full Guard is the battery living. Diesel is encouraging a complete day of continuous use on 370-mAh battery, relatively small when compared with 410-mAh in something similar to Tag Heuer Linked Modular, however in my opinion that has not occurred.

Rather, I will see this watch shut down after approximately 8 hrs of use, along with the light set to automatic and Dial Effect turned.

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This Diesel On Full Guard is definitely going to blow your mind. It has all the best features to make your life simpler. I hope you take a look at this awesome gadget.


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