Amazing Amazon’s Alexa- Now Integrated With Sexy Pro Voice Headphones


Technology is advancing day by day, and the use of the old headphones is becoming outdated. Pro voice headphones are able to recognize the voice, and integrate it to Alexia voice assistant.

This device offers automatic voice recognition, and you don’t have to manually touch the headset for it to respond to your command. It an advanced voice assistant, and it will offer the same help offered by Google and Siri.

The headphones are fitted with high tech active voice recognition, with high-quality audio clarity and voice detection, and it makes it easier to take calls and respond faster to the command.

It supports most of the smartphone features, and it will help you to make calls as if you are in an echo.

This device is throwing in 3 months amazon music, as a trial with the unlimited price of $0,99. Alexa is able to pull tones from iHeartRadio, Tunein, and Pandora.

It has a Spotify support, making it easier to use and deliver results without compromising the audio quality.

These headphones include 36mm stereo drivers, AAC condec support and66 audio sound engines. These headphones are pooping on amazon launch pads and they are sold at a price of $139.99.

Alexa- Enabled Pro Voice Headphones- What It Is?

Voice Headphones

It is manufactured by Onvoc Company based in Boston. It has an inbuilt voice control, which enables the user to control services like tune in, amazon music, audible and iheart radios.

This device is highly advanced and it supports more than 5000 features. It helps to control many other audio services, it can be asked questions of all kinds and you can comfortably control smart home devices.

It does all this without having speaker insight or an echo.

Alexa- Enabled Pro Voice Headphones- How Does It Work?

This device is easy to operate. Activation of voice control is done by tapping a button, unlike on other devices that you need to mention the name of the device for it to recognize the voice.

It is smartly designed with external buttons that helps you to tune to the outside world.

Launching Of Alexa- Enabled Pro Voice Headphones

Pro Voice Alexa

The maker of this device has announced getting this feature in the new advanced headphones later in the year. The software update will allow easier access to alexia, which will make voice recognition easier.

The languages available are German, and English’s both UK and US. It will offer digital assistant, and you will not have to mention the word alexia for it to respond.

The alexa will be triggered by a touch on the dash menu. This feature allows the user to ask for extra assistant from Google or Siri.

You can ask this digital assistant all kind of questions and it will answer you.

Alexa- Enabled Pro Voice Headphones Pros

  • It is easy to operate.
  • It recognizes voice without tapping the device.
  • You don’t have to mention the word alexia for it to respond.
  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • It makes life easy as it can answer all kinds of questions.
  • The feature is compatible with smartphones.
  • It helps to control smart home devices when you are away
  • It responds to different languages.
  • It helps to connect with different kind of musics.
  • The feature allows the user to get extra assistant from Google and Siri.

Headphones Buttons

Buying Of Alexa- Enabled Pro Voice Headphones

This device is available for buying online through amazon launch pads. It first offers 3 months amazon music as a trial, at a price of $0.99. They are sold at a price of $139.99.

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Technology has greatly advanced and people have embraced use of artificial intelligence. Google and Siri are the most common features that offer digital assistant.

Alexa is more advanced, as you don’t have to mention the name for it to respond to your voice.

Alexa enable pro voice headphones are fitted with high tech technology, and it is faster in voice recognition. It will help the user to connect with amazon music, iheart radio, tune in and audible.

It supports over 5000 features and it can help you to control smart home devices silently without speaker in sight or an echo.

This device is able to answer all kinds of questions and it allows the user to get extra assistance from Google and Siri.

It is an easier device to operate and it makes life easy and comfortable. It is compatible with most smartphones and the headphone is smartly designed.

It is available online and you can buy it from amazon launch pads.

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