Eye-Tracking VR

Upcoming Eye – Tracking VR Will be Breath Taking


We just learnt that Oculus is making good of their promise of launching eye tracking technology in the near future. They have bought up a set up that as its focus on the eye tracking technology alone. It will be joining the league of other wearable firms who are working round the clock to have their eye tracking technology launched such as Hove. Players from these sub sectors seem to be reorganizing to gain control over this sophisticated technology.

So, What’s This Eye-Tracking VR?

Mike Abrash, one of the leading scientist from Oculus recently mentioned that this eye tracking technology will form the back bone of the VR’s future. The lid of games, applications and computing will be opened when the device will be able to follow up where the eyes are looking at. Current technologies have challenges since games are falling short of firing on the right laser beams on the pupil. They give laser beams thatalerts enemies making iteasy to interpret. When you are looking at something, so much can be traced as to what you are thinking or planning and this new technology aims at harnessing this. On the social VR, Oculus has invested a lot of expertise to enable the eye tracking device make its avatars have more imminent and virtual presence in its world.

Tracking VR

What Else will be Fixed?

This new technology promises to improve on graphics and provide untethered VR. It will give a wider range of more interesting games. It sets out to solve most of the nagging problems in the products currently in the market. Oculus just acquired The Eye Tribeand had great results on foveated rendering. It is the same tech that Fove inherited its name from. The idea behind this revolves around rendering high resolutions on the particular point of focus. It is the exact place that your pupils are looking at. This will reduce greatly the demand for power used in computation at one time. So, the projection of untethered VR is realistic. All the modern technology powerhouses are striving to develop wireless devices. Foveated rendering seems to be the shortest route towards realizing this desire.

Will Augmentation be Real?

Eye tracking device will enhance greatly the digital overlay of the world. Augmentation goes hand in hand with AR. A simple glance at a monument or historical site cues your glasses such that an information box is provided. The information box will give historic details of the site thereby saving your hands from getting busy researching. When you look up to the skies, weather forecast will be availed at the information box. This brings the number of augmented realities to infinity. Eye tracking smart glasses are just a while off. When the technology is coupled with VR headsets and summed up with an AR element will make the whole technology more practical.HTC vive and Fove are already considering this combination.


Who are Behind This?

Oculus is obviously serious about the eye tracking VR. Fove was initially thought to be taking people for a ride until recently when they acquired and developed its developer headset and have actually launched it. The developer headset is actually now selling in the market. Recently, the company revealed that they are closely working with valve though the extent is yet to be revealed. It would therefore not be a wonder if valve will be going down this lane in the near future with indications being seen on Vive 2. In October, Google purchased eye-tracking set up and start up Eye influence. This hints at development of Daydream. Other firms such as Tobii are also contemplating throwing their hat in the ring.

How Long Will It Take?

It is hard to determine the exact time that the technology will roll out in the market. But Fove has made great strides towards this realization and that is why it is expected that by the last quarter of this year the technology may be available for consumers. HTC is set to hold a press conference in the next few weeks to announce on the progress and success they have achieved in pursuance to developing this technology. Major breakthroughs are expected in the next few months from several technology powerhouses. For Oculus, success is almost imminent and it is only a matter of time before everything unveils and the world welcomes this sophisticated technology.

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The VR industry is almost waking up to a new technology that will get heads spinning. Eye-tracking technology is almost becoming a reality. With leading firms such as Japanese technology company, Fove, having launched their kick starter campaign, then this tracking technology is real. The latest demonstrations from the company reveals that it has overcame most of the initial hurdles that had the process grounded for some time. Reading the gaze of a user is now drawing closer and closer each running day. User intention from even subtle eye motions will be read by eye tracking devices that are in the offing.


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